The rise of Nigerian music in global mainstream media

With the globalization of music through the digital space, many have pondered the notable rise of Nigerian music throughout all of Africa and the world. Many experts would believe it is due to its large population, others attribute it to the meticulous attention Nigerian artists pay to their music. 

Both aspects might play a significant role. Today NaijaLoaded will explore the reasons why the music industry of Nigeria is steadily on the rise.

Nigeria’s population and access to the internet

With 215 million Nigerian people, about 53% of whom have access to the internet, it is no surprise that the large population plays an important role in the boom of Nigerian music. Taking their spot in the digital space and making noise has allowed Nigerian artists to trend globally on various social media platforms like Tiktok and Twitter. Tiktok specifically has made it extremely easy for international music to be discovered.

The shift of language in the Nigerian music

A key to music globalization is producing music in languages that the majority of people will be able to understand. If you take a look at some of the most popular music in the world, you will find that music with English lyrics performs extremely well. 

Many Nigerian artists have made the deliberate use of the English language in their music, even if only in some parts. Usually, the chorus or hook will be in English, making sure the most memorable parts of the song are in English to increase the potential for discoverability. 

Presence of western record labels in Nigeria

Many Nigerian artists are making their mark on the global stage with help of western record labels like Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music. Artists like Burna Boy who is signed with Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group, Tiwa Savage who is signed with Universal Music Group, and Wizkid who is signed with RCA Records, have taken the global stage in recent years.

Through their record labels, they have been able to collaborate with major artists with access to a global audience. It has allowed them to widen their reach in mainstream music not just locally but also internationally.

Presence of Nigerian music in western media

Several film production companies have included Nigerian music as a soundtrack in several blockbuster films. Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy are only some of the Nigerian artists with music featured in big blockbuster films. Experts predict that this trend will continue to grow in the coming years. It would be no surprise considering the international recognition several Nigerian artists have received. 

What can we expect from the music industry of Nigeria by the end of 2022?

With the steadily growing numbers in stream revenue and increase of rising artists, it is safe to say that the music industry of Nigeria is looking at a stable growth in the coming years. The African music industry as a whole is expected to grow in the coming years.

As long as Nigerian music retains its soul while widening its reach in international markets, it will continue to be a leading industry in expanding to a global market in the coming years.

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