NaijaLoaded: Frequently asked questions and feedback

If you have any questions for us, then allow us to indulge you with the answers in our list of frequently asked questions below. If your queries aren’t posted below, you may contact us on our page and we’ll give you a reply right away!

Frequently asked questions 

Are the blogs free to access in NaijaLoaded?

Yes, all of our blogs are free for you to view! We will not ask for any payments and there are no hidden charges. This blog is created to inform and entertain only as we indulge in the common interest of showbiz and lifestyle. 

How do I sign up for NaijaLoaded? 

Signing up for our blog is easy! All you have to do is to visit our page and view the home screen of our site. There, you will see the sign-up button in the upper right corner of the screen. You can click it and it would lead you directly to a form that you can sign with your details including name, contact number, email, interests and more. 

How often do you post blogs?

We post blogs in NaijaLoaded every weekend to keep you posted on different lifestyle tips and tricks that would help you get through your everyday struggles. As for our entertainment blogs, we update our articles every day and post as frequently as we can to keep you posted on the latest happenings around the showbiz world and in Nigeria. To avoid missing out on important articles, you can subscribe to us and sign up for a newsletter. 

Feedback: What people have to say about us

Want to hear what people have to say about our site? Here’s a list of feedback thwart we got over the years of our service below: 

  • I subscribed to NaijaLoaded a few years ago and I can say that I truly enjoyed my time here. There is always new gossip to keep me entertained. I also managed to discover different artists based in Nigeria and built interests. The lifestyle blogs are also a treat! It helped guide me in my life as an adult, especially because I recently moved out. 
  • I am a writer so I greatly enjoyed reading blogs like this. I sometimes get ideas from the things that I see in NaijaLoaded and I get inspired by lifestyle blogs. I honestly enjoy reading the lifestyle blog more than entertainment news simply because I’m not interested in celebrities.
  • Finding factual celebrity news online nowadays is difficult so I am glad that I stumbled upon NaijaLoaded since it has everything I need. I’m hooked on the articles and whoever is making these blogs has a nice way of presenting each issue that makes it easier for me to understand.   

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