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Get a load of the different trends in the entertainment industry today and find out what your favourite artists and singers are up to. Here at NaijaLoaded, we have the perfect platform for you to indulge your fan habits and discover something new about showbiz life both in Hollywood and Nigeria. 

If you’re not one for celebrity issues and gossip, you can also indulge yourself in the list of our lifestyle blogs all dedicated to helping you have a better quality of living through expert tips and suggestions. Get to know us more as well as what we can offer you below: 

Getting to know NaijaLoaded

NaijaLoaded is a personal blog that is made by a group of friends based in Nigeria who share a common interest in celebrity gossip, news and lifestyle. We created this blog to keep you in the loop about what is happening around you. 

Here at NaijaLoaded, we will give you an insider’s glimpse of what goes on in your favourite celebrities’ life as well as their plans for the future when it comes to their movie projects and musical scores. 

Meanwhile, our lifestyle section is where we share tips that might help you with your everyday life and guide you towards making better decisions regarding the problems that you face every single day. 

To create credible blogs, we have sought the help of experts when writing our lifestyle pieces. Check out what we have to offer below: 

NaijaLoaded blogs 

NaijaLoaded is a site created for two major blog categories and that is entertainment and lifestyle. Check out the blog topics that we have prepared for you below and see if you will find something of interest! 


Our entertainment section is full of amazing news about your favourite artists. Here, you can discover the latest gossip as well as teasers of upcoming films and music tracks. Take a peek at the topics below: 

  • Nick Cave announced the death of his 30-year-old son, Jethro 
  • Veteran actor, Dharmendra, hospitalised 
  • Popular US comedian Dave Chapelle tackled on stage 
  • Pandit Shivkumar Sharma passed away; Deepika Padukone shared her fear of being reje
  • Johnny Depp claims that his daughter Lily-Rose Depp didn’t attend his wedding with Amber Heard: The two were not on great terms


Looking for ways to improve your lifestyle? Here are some of the blogs that you can read for a better quality of living! 

  • A night routine for a good rest 
  • The perfect guide to building a study habit 
  • Creative lunches for your kids
  • How to lose the extra pounds: A stress-free diet!
  • Keeping your home neat and cosy 
  • Best drink and snack combination 
  • Homemaker: How to turn your house into a home
  • Why should you start an investment: Going old rich! 
  • A hassle-free way to live the adult life